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Castle by the lake


We had had two days of rain. Slowly on the Monday afternoon it started to clear and dry up. By the end of the afternoon you would never have known there had been heavy rain. Tony decided to just check the roof of the coach. Everything was fine but has he descended the back ladder the hook part of the bottom part of the ladder broke so he stranded on the top part of the ladder. He managed to safely jump down but we were both thankful that it gave way when it did rather than when he was on that bottom ladder otherwise it could have been one nasty accident.

The next day it was still heavy clouds so we decided to take a short drive through the northern part of Funen. The town of Bogense was quite nice where we enjoyed a stroll by the harbour. We went to the Bison farm but it was closed. We did find a couple of old castles, one was by a lake and had small lakeside garden which was open to the public. We never did discover what the castle was being used for now. It certainly wasn’t a residence.

Nice drive but nothing spectacular. This was our last day on Funen

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