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Oh I do love these sands Mum!





Wait for me!


Foot steps in the sand!




Natural sand sculpture








Garden made out of old mill wheels

The manor house




Lady of the Sea





Our first stop of the day was the Råbjerg Mile a migrating coastal dune. It is the largest moving dune in Northern Europe covering an area of around 1 km² (0.4 mi²) and a height of 40 m (130 ft) above sea level. The wind moves the dunes between 15 to 18 metres a year. The dunes leave a low, moist layer of sand behind it trailing back towards the Skagerrak where the Mile was formed more than 300 years ago. While the majority of dunes around the mile were stabilised by planting, the Råbjerg Mile was left to allow future generations to understand the problem of sand dune drift.

Walking this area was an interesting experience, our footsteps being quickly covered by the wind. You could quickly walk away from the crowds into the dunes.

From the Mile we then headed to Bangsbo just outside Frederikshavn for a different type of walk. Here we explored the botanical gardens and the Bangsbo fort (a WWII bunker complex) which had great views across to Frederikshavn and out to sea.

After driving high above the coast our final walk of the day was at the small town of Saeby. Dominating the harbour is the statue is the Lady from the Sea. A charming end to the day.

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