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Today we headed south along the coast from Tornby Sands. Our first stop was on the cliffs just outside the old fishing village of Lønstrup. Here we found the remains of the Mârup Church. The church was built in 1250 and was 1km from the coast. The church was used until 1926 .For the last 300 years along this part of the coast there has been on average cliff erosion of 1.5 meters (4.9 ft) per year. Hence the church has been slowly moving towards the sea. Upon fears of the church eventual falling into the sea the church was dismantled leaving only the outline structure seen today. Presently the church stands less than 9 metres from the edge of the cliffs.

We headed a few miles further along the coast to the Rubjerg Knude. Here Mother Nature has really called the shots. In 1900 a lighthouse was built 200m from the sea and 60m above sea level. At the time there were no sand dunes around it. With time the sea moved in closer, and, simultaneously, the wind blew large amounts of sand up from the cliff. The sand piled up in front of and around the lighthouse. To suppress the sand pine grates were set in and lyme grass and helmet was planted in the dune. The only result was that the sand dunes just grew larger. The more that was planted, the more the dune grew. At last the sand was so high that at times it was impossible to see the light from the sea so in 1968 they closed the lighthouse.

The dunes continued to grow and eventually engulfed the buildings surrounding the lighthouse. As the cliffs eroded and the dunes have drifted it is anticipated that within the next decade the lighthouse will fall into the sea.

This was a fascinating place to visit with sand dunes 70m high surrounding the lighthouse. It was strange to stand on top of the dunes and look straight at the top of the lighthouse. Daisy thought the sand was fun to roll in too.

This is a must visit for anybody visiting Denmark.

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