it's off to Central America travel blog

sunrise in Honduras

on the road to Nicaragua



a dog with its head out the window and lots of black...



a local bus a old USA school bus




gettting close to the border all the trucks lined up


at the border




had to past through a temperature check point



all the vechcle's had to be sprayed for bugs

Malala, Sharon, Lucy, Melissa, Sandra

leaving Honduras

now in Nicragua







a big load



lunch stop







a volcano




riding high above the cattle


in Granada





a full moon tonight

a Nicaragua beer, the first one



A very early start on the bus at 5:05 running a bit late was to leave at 5:00, lol rolling out of Comayagua heading to the border crossing of Honduras/Nicaragua this is our longest travel day, on the road 12 hours, a few bathroom stops and about a hour at the border, a stop for some lunch, we get in Nicaragua my 80th country and the last new for the rest of the trip. As this was a Sunday we didn't have big traffic problems and the bus was okay for travel actually had 5 vacate seats, but is was a very long day. We get to Granada at 4:45 so a little less then 12 hours. We get checked into our rooms and took a much needed shower, then a meeting about things to do in Granada we are off for some dinner and a short walk about the town, a couple beers and back to room, a quick check of emails and off to bed. through, tempuiture , vehicle's

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