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Beauty from the master

Wind Turbines

More wind turbines

And even more

Close up they look friendly


Pumping away

Now that's a farm

Long and straight

Today was scheduled as a driving day, which it was, but with some interesting sites to see. We saw much of God's handwork in the formations of mesas, rocks and even a mountain which Linda said is Mt Sardine. We also saw wide open pasture land with cattle and sheep. Huge farms with equipment to match and red topsoil no less. A lot of straight boring roads with enough wind to keep me awake.

We were amazed by the amount of wind turbines we saw. The pictures show only a tiny fraction of the number we actually saw. Cattle grazed around them and farmers continued to farm under and around them. Sounds like a pretty good source of energy to me. Then we saw the oil wells, and there were huge numbers of those too. We even saw a few new wells being drilled. What amazed me was that in the midst of all this energy production, gas was $3.65+ per gallon. In fact I think the price of gas was directly proportional to the number of oil wells. More wells = more money needed for gas.

We're in a nice campground in Roswell with a couple of aliens next door, but they seem nice enough. Tomorrow is a return trip to Carlsbad Caverns. We were there a number of years back, and simply want to relive a very pleasant experience.

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