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I decided to go on a day trip to Nara from Kyoto and I am glad that I did. Nara is such a nice place. They have a huge park several kilometres wide and long and contains many attractions such as deer (they are literally everywhere), a giant bronze Buddha, and a few shrines and temples. First, it was quite the sight to see deer everywhere as they are allowed to roam free. These are wild deer but because people tend to feed them "deer biscuits" they tend to stick around. You can get these biscuits all over the place, but if the deer smell it on you or see that you have some they won't let you go without giving them all of the biscuits. In fact, they are generally quite impatient and sometimes a bit aggressive about it too. Also, they tend to eat paper of all things, so when they see people with maps, pamphlets etc they might just grab it from you and munch on it for a bit. The bronze Buddha statue was really impressive. It stands 30 metres tall on a large platform and together nearly touches the 50 metre high ceiling. The pictures I have probably don't do it justice but it was really an incredible sight to see. I went all over the park and took quite a few pictures of the things to see so feel free to have a look at my gallery for Nara which you can find here.

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