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Our campsite for the night at the Robin Hill Camping Resort in...

Our next door neighbor at the campground.

It is very peaceful and quiet out here.

Looking back towards the campground as we took our early evening walk.

Willie and Blayde walking down a country road in Lenhartsville, Pennsylvania.

Willie and Blayde at the Robin Hill Camping Resort.

We walked down to the pond and sat for a bit watching...

Canadian geese stopping in for a visit at the campground pond.

A wild goose flying by stopped in for a visit with a...

We sat by the pond and enjoyed watching the geese and ducks...

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Lenhartsville, Pennsylvania

Aaah… a shower, electricity, water… we have a full hook-up and life is good once again. We are spending the night at the Robin Hill Camping Resort in Lenhartsville, Pennsylvania. We pulled in early enough to take showers, do four loads of laundry, take a wonderful relaxing hike around the area, enjoy some kick-back time on a bench by the pond, prepare a yummy dinner, clean up the kitchen area and now play on the computer!

We considered staying here longer than one night, as this is truly a lovely camping area, but have decided that we better keep driving south in order to try to get a bit ahead of the freezing temperatures nipping at our heels. I am, however, going to mark this campground as a “come back someday” site.

Please enjoy some of the many pictures I snapped as we walked earlier this evening. I took a short video, too, but I moved too fast (and it is a little shaky) thus it makes me slightly motion sick to view it so don’t watch it if you get queasy easy. I really need to work on slowing down the camera panning in my “here is the view” videos. I try to keep my video clips down to a minimum in order to decrease download time but it is hard to squeeze so much natural beauty into such a short time. It makes one really appreciate those National Geographic photographers!

Happy Travels, Rebecca

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