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one eyed willy!

on the way to dive the outer great barrier reef

cairns skyline

kicking back in the lagoon

no crocs in here!

big gun

cairns prominade

anyone fancy a swim!!!

Hey guys

We arrived in Cairns a few days ago and got straight out onto the Outer Great Barrier Reef. We got 2 dives in and they were both awesome. The reef is so full of colour and so many fishes, it was great after our little dissapointment at the Yongala. We took a guided dive first so that we could get the most out of our dive, as he knew where to look for stuff. We even got to scratch a turtles back, very cool. We moved to another reef and did our first unsupervised dive, just me and James and the reef, we felt great. We went down to a cool 16m, our navigation was good (i mean we found our way back to the boat without a surface swim!) and I finally got to see Nemo!! Woohoo, i've been looking for him on every dive, hes allusive but i finally got see to a pair of them hidden among a red sea anenome. We had a geat time and the reef proved as excellent as we expected! Still no shark sightings though! Much to James dissapointment, he has been carryng a spare pair of undies to every dive just for the occasion lol!!

We have spent the last few days wandering around Cairns, its very modern and has a lovely 4km beach front walk and a gorgeous lagoon for swimming. Once again you can't swim in the water up here, not due to jellyfish this time but because of the salt water crocodiles, the record length for a croc from this area was 10m!!!!

We are flying out to ayers rock tomoz so should have some good photos coming up!

Oh yeah we have gone all out and bought ourselves some scuba gear, well a mask, snorkel and fins anyway, and James has bought a dive knife, for when he has to wrestle a shark, he says!

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