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Anil's Sister Manju And Her Husband Kamal Mehra

Manju And Kamal's Son Kapil (Bunty) And His Family

Ankit And Ishani Mehra

Ashna And Manju Mehra

Manju And Kamal's Home In Nagpur

The Garden At Manju And Kamal's Home

Kapil Takes The Kids For A Ride On The Family Bajaj Scooter

Kamal Enjoying "Just One" Piece Of Milk Cake

Shopping For A New Saree, The First I've Bought In Twenty Years!



We flew to Nagpur on Jet Airways to stay with Anil's sister Manju and her husband Kamal Mehra. The flight was uneventful but I must say we were happy that we have purchased a mobile phone here in India. When we booked our flight on the Jet Airways website they asked us for a contact number and an alternate contact number. We gave the new mobile number and Kamal's mobile number here in Nagpur. When the airline delayed the flight for one hour, we each received a text message alerting us to the change in departure times so we were able to rest at home instead of being stuck at the crowded airport.

Manju and Kamal were at the Nagpur airport to meet us and instead of heading straight to their home, we went with them to meet their friends who were celebrating their 26th wedding anniversary. Their group of friends gets together every Saturday night to play cards and enjoy each other’s company. They take turns hosting the party, but as is their custom, the couple celebrating the anniversary hosted the party that night. Around midnight we headed out to the most posh restaurant in Nagpur for a lavish dinner. I am amazed that these people, most of whom are already grandparents can eat a heavy meal so late and still sleep comfortably. Their energy amazes both Anil and me. They have been doing this for years - it reminds me very much of the group of friends that my Uncle Art and Aunty Doris have in North Bay. That group has met faithfully every Friday night for 25 years. They even made us honorary members when we were in North Bay last year.

Anil seems to now have a touch of flu. He has a very low fever and body aches - something that seems to hit him in the early days of December every five years or so. I'm not too concerned about him, but we will watch out. I am glad that we are with family for the next three weeks and that we have a doctor living right next door. This would have been bad if we were on our own in a hotel somewhere in an unfamiliar city in southern India.

Just after arriving Manju asked me if I would be willing to speak to a group of women on some topic of interest to them. Manju has been a member of the India Institute of Women for some time now - they do philanthropic work for the needy in Nagpur. It was her turn to find a speaker for their monthly meeting and as I have been in this position in the past, I agreed to help her out. She said that there would not be a large group in attendance for the meeting as it is the holiday season as well as being an auspicious time for weddings and many of the women had other commitments. That made me more at ease about the prospect of giving a talk. We decided that we would call the presentation "Rediscovering Family Values". I met with the 15 or so ladies who came that afternoon and instead of giving a lecture, we sat in a circle and I told them of our recent steps to free ourselves from our work and possession in Canada so that we could spend several months in India with Anil's large extended family. They were very appreciative of the time I spent with them and I enjoyed the experience as well.


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