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Camping at the Priestly Ranch

We rolled into Texas today and met a friend of the family, Mr. Guy Priestly, at the roadside so he could guide us back on the county road to the Priestly Ranch. We had a nice dinner and shuffled off to bed. We awoke in the morning to the sound of cows and horses saying good morning. Guy introduced us too his stable of miniature horses and his herd of cows. The horses are Charlene's absolute favorite. She was so excited to pet them and feed them. Guy warned us about the stud Black Jack....he's very fiesty....he's got quite the stable of mares and they are all pregnant! Guy has raised his cattle by hand and a gentle hand at that. We were amazed at how they all listened to him and did what he told them to do. We drove the truck out with some treats which we tossed out to the herd. Guy has a special bond with Josephine...she acts more like an oversized dog then a cow and she is so gentle that Charlene was able to hand feed her too. Guy drove us out to the Bass Pond at the back corner of the fenced portion of the Ranch and the whole herd ran right behind us all the way there. I've never seen anything like it!

What an awesome ranch and a great day!

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