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After a rest day we headed out to the Djusland peninsula just north of Aarhus and the town of Ebeltoft. The Djusland peninsula is a popular holiday area. For us the main purpose was to visit the Frigate Jylland in Ebeltoft, the longest wooden warship in the world. From bow to stern the frigate is 71m long.

The Frigate Jylland was built in Copenhagen between 1857 and 1862 and was in service as a warship between1862-1874. On 9 May 1964 she became a national symbol when she won the battle against the Austrian-Prussian fleet in the Battle of Heligoland after a direct hit. In 1874 she became the royal yacht for the Danish King Christian IX and continued in this role until 1886 when she became a training ship.

By 1907 she no longer had a use but rather than being broken up she was kept and in 1960 came to Ebeltoft as a wreck. In 1984 work started on extensive restoration of the ship resulting in the splendid ship seen today.

We (including Daisy) were able to explore all levels of the ship from the top to the bottom. From looking up at it from the dry dock it was enormous. In the hold we saw the cross pattern wooden structure which gave strength to the hull. On the Orlop deck we saw the living accommodation of the crew where there was no privacy for the common sailor. On the Battery deck there were 30 cannons weighing 85 tonnes the equivalent of 17 large elephants on board, Also there was the two capstans which required 60 men per capstan to pull up the eight anchors

On the top deck Daisy thought it was time to act as captain and Tony decided it was time to see if he could spot the enemy.

After visiting the ship we headed into Ebeltoft town wandering the cobbled streets and stopping for some cool refreshment.

We then decided to explore the coastal area of the newly created Mols Bjerge National Park. We found lovely beaches, some lovely pastoral viewpoints and a lighthouse before we headed back to base.

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