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(Ron Writing) This morning we drove over to WalMart and had the oil changed in the truck. After lunch we left Midland heading north on TX-158, FM-1788, and US-385 to Seminole, TX. We then headed west on US-180 to Carlsbad, NM. Nearly all of this drive was through high desert that is very sparsely populated. There are probably more oil wells, storage tanks, and processing plants than people. There are also areas with irrigated farm land where cotton, and peanuts seem to be the primary crops. We saw several farmers harvesting the cotton and many fields still white as snow with the big cotton balls ready to be picked. Most of the land is dry pasture and very large ranches.

We crossed into the Mountain time zone so gained one hour today. We arrived in Carlsbad late this afternoon and are parked at WalMart* for the night.

Before leaving Midland we purchased gasoline for $2.419/gal. Here in Carlsbad the cheapest we’ve seen is $2.799! Wow, did we miss a turn and end up back in Canada! Elena says the food is much more expensive here also.

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