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My side of the cockpit

Downtown Brisbane

The crew

Leaving Lady Elliot, our pilot wanted a volunteer to sit in the co-pilot seat. Two of us raised our hands. I beat out the guy who was too big for the seat.

Great views from upfront. No wonder my Dad loved flying.

Bits of the flight were rough due to effects of a near-distance cyclone, but the pilot pulled off two of the smoothest landings ever.

Our friends delivered us safely to Brisbane, where we said good-byes.

It turns out Good Friday is an Australian holiday. When we arrived at our Brisbane hotel, we learned that most everything was closed or about to close.

Saturday, however, is total retail. Several downtown Brisbane streets are delightfully pedestrian only. Shops and cafes abound. We joined the throngs and got odds and ends, and they were on sale!

At the visitor information center, Mo noticed that the Queensland Ballet was performing that night. After some discussion, I bought one ticket. I attended while Mo rested her knees. The production of La Bayadere was unusual in score and storyline and worth the time.

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