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Today is a long day on the bus. We must get to Lyon from Paris. There are 2 buses going as there are 66 people continuing on the next cruise. We were suppose to go to Chalon-sur-Saone, but the river Saone has risen very high after the rains of the last 2 days and the boat will not be able to pass under the bridges to the Rhone in Lyon. We traveled through the country side along the motorway. On Sundays no trucks are allowed on the motorway. At noon on Saturday they must stop wherever they are and cannot travel again until 10pm Sunday.

We stopped in Dijon, yes like the mustard. A quaint down with buildings from the 15th to 19th centuries. It is the capital of the Burgundy region. It has a population of 150,000. Being Sunday few stores were opened. The stores that were opened sold many different favors of mustard. An interesting fact is that the mustard seeds are not grown here, but imported from Canada.

We were also told that wheat is imported, but I do not know from where.

We had lunch and then back on the bus to Lyon. There are 66 of us traveling from the last cruise.

JOKE from our guide. "Why do the French eat so many snails? "

Add your guess. answer tomorrow...

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