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Well, I decided to travel to Kyoto and took a night bus from Tokyo to get here. It took a while (about eight hours) but I made it :-). The night buses here are certainly the backpackers travel choice as they are far cheaper to travel on than the day buses and significantly cheaper than the high speed trains. Although I believe I'll have to opt for spending the extra coin once I'm ready to head over to Hiroshima as I have to try the 300km/h trains here :-).

Kyoto is a very different city from Tokyo. For one, it is much smaller and easier to get around by bus whereas I generally got around in Tokyo by Train. The trains here were difficult to get maps in English and the hostel recommended buses so I ended up learning the bus system here. The buses are great as every bus has an LCD screen at the front of the bus letting you know which stop will be next and sometimes includes a few extra bits of information.

Kyoto is really well known for shrines and temples as there are literally thousands of them here. Over the past several days I have walked or took a bus all lover Kyoto and there is always more to see. Nevertheless, I took nearly 400 photos here of probably about a dozen sites so I decided to post what I have so far. You can see my Kyoto pictures here.

Keep in mind that many of my pictures especially over the last few days have been a bit poorer as it has been raining quite a bit lately because of the Typhoon that has hit Japan recently. It's not really a big deal for me as it's just wind and rain, so I just put on my rain jacket and went out anyway.

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