Margerm Europe 2009 travel blog

Wheat mill with water wheel



Old building for Welsh "cock fighting". The male species has evolved much...

Welsh tannery. One of the worst jobs of the day.


Old Celtic housing. Thatched rooves still popular today.


We had a nice weather day, an unusual occurrence in Wales apparently, so decided to head to an outside Welsh history museum near Cardiff. The museum has been collecting old housing and structures from Celtic period (BC) to current. Buildings were donated and then taken apart piece by piece, labeled and re-assembled in the museum. Each building had a documented history of people that lived their and information about the region. I believe the girls enjoyed the general store and the fudge and lemon drops the most! Go figure.

We returned home to watch the new Harry Potter movie (where you can drink beer in the movie theatre). Interesting watching a Harry Potter movie in the United Kingdom. You walk out of the movie theatre into Wales landscape and expect to see Hogwarts School.

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