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It's no Neuberger Hall . . .

The Brown campus

Connecticut kite festival

Sunset at Hammonasset Beach

Tuesday morning we chowed a delicious Travelodge continental breakfast of cereal and . . . cereal, then drove to Providence, Rhode Island. Back in the day, Sam and I did an Internet survey that would match a person and his/her interests with the perfect city, and Providence was right up there in our list of winners. Thus our reason for stopping. However, we've been hopping from city to city for some time now, and did not have as much ambition as earlier on in our travels to explore the inner workings of the city. In fact, the first thing we did was get lunch and afterward, we played frisbee in the park for an hour or so. Lunch is worth a mention: we ate at a place called Geoff's Superlative Sandwiches, and we both agreed that our sandwiches were some of the more superlative we'd ever had. The menu was written all over the walls and was pretty intimidating. Not only were the sandwiches we got really good, but there was a big barrel of pickles in the center of the restaurant for you to grab as many as you liked.

After lunch and frisbee, we wandered up to the campus of Brown University and just walked around a bit. Really not much to mention aside from the fact that it is a really beautiful campus and a far cry from Bates in Lewiston. There was a section of town where students could easily slip away and neglect their studies, something I enjoy about most college towns. We didn't actually spend a lot of time since we were parked in a metered spot, and thought it wise to abandon the city prior to rush "hour".

So our journey to Connect I Cut commenced. On the drive, we chatted quite a bit about the frenetic bouncing around we had been doing for the past couple of weeks, and decided that we would re-tool our plans for the Appalachian Trail. We were originally going to be on the trail for two weeks, which required quite a bit of route planning as well as sending a box of food to a midway post office to resupply in the middle of the hike. Sam and I don't much like planning our free time when we HAVEN'T been travelling for five months, so this was starting to sound very annoying. And so our minds changed just like that. We decided that we would spend one week on the Appalachian Trail and surrounding loop trails, then spend the next week in a cabin . . . somewhere. We knew that the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club maintained several cabins in the woods of Shenandoah National Park, so after a quick call to their offices, we decided to stop in to their Washington DC office when we were there visiting our friends James and Gina on Friday.

For the current evening, our plan was to crash at a state park near New Haven, Connecticut, since we were meeting up with our friend Rob in New York City the next day and could catch a train from New Haven. However, when we arrived at Hammonasset State Park, we found that the camping facilities were closed (something we've bumped into once or twice on this trip) and would not open until Memorial Day. This didn't stop us from using their picnic facilities to whip up some dinner and then walk along their beach singing Phil Collins and watching the sunset. Okay, I'm lying about the Phil Collins.

Since the campground was closed, we once again dove into our book of travel coupons to see if we had something for the surrounding area. We were surprised to find a Ramada Inn with DELUXE continental breakfast, indoor pool and spa for $49. Luxury, here we come. The place was really nice, but the pool was a little less than promised. First of all, it was incredibly small. Second, the "spa" was a bunch of jets along some benches in the undersized, cold pool. We were the only people in the pool area, so we made use of the hot showers and heated up the sauna in the women's restroom to make up for the lack of hot tub.

One awesome side note: we both were VERY excited this week to find out that Sam was awarded an assistantship for her time at OSU as well!!! She's excited and nervous at the same time since she knows there will be a ton of work ahead, but we all know she can do it! Woo hoo!

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