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pool at my hotel

my balcony

my bed

the bathroom

restaurants along the coast

more of the coast



the city


one of the many irish pubs


i love this picture

yet another irish pub

and another one

shopping street

So I checked out of my hotel this morning and was told to catch the public bus into Iraklion and then from there to catch a bus to Hersonissous. Sounded easy enough. Bus came and I went to get on and the grouchy driver informed me "no ticket, no ride". Ok, so using a little bit of french skill I asked the french couple wating at the stop where to get a ticket. Got a ticket and waited for the next bus. Got off and found my way down to the bus station and bought a ticket for Hersonsissous.

The bus is like a greyhound bus but it stops all over the place and picks people up. There was a girl on the bus who you could buy tickets from. Asked her where to get off and she said she would let me know. Once there I got off the bus and grabbed my bags and looked around. No sign of Hotel Dimitrion anywhere. Walked one way for about 2 minutes but it didn't seem right so I turned around. Found the hotel after about 5 minutes of walking.

Nice hotel with a big pool. My room was huge and clean enough. Dropped my bags and then went off exploring the new town. This place is busier and way more touristy. There are taverna's lined all along the oceanside and every one has a little guy standing infront of it trying to get you to eat there.

I settled on a cute looking crepe place for lunch and had a crepe and ordered a fancy drink. It has been so long since I've drank that this one drink with 2 shots of alcohol got me feeling tipsy haha. Made my way back to the hotel to chill out and have a shower. Had dinner at the hotel which was included in the price. Um, it wasn't very good and there were barely any people there. But it was free so I ate it.

Walked over to an internet cafe for a bit to check emails and see how the Flames were doing. Then I waled around town to check out the nightlife which wasn't very happening since it was a sunday night.

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