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Ann on the Mekong

Brad in front of the Pak Ou Caves

Tham Ting Cave

The Boat Landing



More Buddhas

Brad in the Cave

Approaching the Upper Cave Tham Phum

Brad in front of Pak Ou Cave

Pot Bellied Buddha

The Mighty Mekong

Kuang Si Waterfalls

Brad and Hans on the Trail

Ann at the Midpoint

Brad at the Top

Ann and Marjon at the Top

The View from the Top

The Whole Gang

Brad and Hans Brave the Falls

Brad Under the Falls

Brad and Hans Behind the Falls

Brad and Hans Survive the Falls

Brad in Lower Falls

The Lower Falls

Ann at the Falls

Ann and Brad at the Falls

Ann at the Falls

Still Lower Falls

A Well Deserved Beer (and Coconut!)

Luang Prabang, Laos

It wasn't quite so apparant in the more remote northern reaches of Laos, but when we arrived in Luang Prabang, it was very clear that we were back on the circuit. The backpacker circuit that is. Not that its necessarily a bad thing -everybody is there for a reason -its a great town with lots to do and see.

We dove into two of the attractions on the outskirts of town with some Dutch friends we had met way back in Halong Bay. Hans and Marjon had taken a much different route here, but arrived right about the same time. We enjoyed their company back in VietNam, so we organized a day long outing with them, and it turned out to be fantastic!

Our first stop was the Pak Ou caves which is a short trip up the Mekong. They are divided into an upper and lower cave and while not impressive caves by any standards, they house thousands of Buddha statues.

As the day heated up, we headed to a beautful waterfall for a little splash splash. Kuang Si is a wide, many tiered waterfall with brilliant turquoise pools. It was very impressive now, in the dry season, and I can only imagine what it is like after the rains! We took a steep climb to the top of the falls, and by the time we hiked back down, I was ready to jump in! So refreshing!

If this day was any indication, there is plenty of fun and good times awaiting us in Luang Prabang. It was nice to see familiar faces in Hans and Marjon, and laughing the day away with them was one of the reasons we enjoyed it so much!

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