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Another glorious day. We decided to head north to Schleswig which sits on the banks of the Schlei fjord. The town has a long history going back to 800AD. It was at the time of the Vikings a crossroads of trade routes to North Atlantic and Baltic settlements.

We first visited Schloss Gottorf on the edge of the town now a museum. A classic North European Renaissance castle built in the 17th century as Danish royal palace but spent most of its time in the 19th century as barrack for firstly the Danish and then the Prussian armies. After World War II it was a displaced person camp. We didn’t visit the museum but wandered around the outside and the recently renovated gardens.

Heading into Schleswig we explored the old town and found the Holm, a one-time fishing village that stood on an islet until 1933. This was the best part of Schleswig, with pretty rose fronted cottages surrounding the Freidhof cemetery.

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