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Mo goes snorkeling

Typical view

They poo just a bit

Lady Elliot Island is owned by the Commonwealth of Australia. The resort leases the island.

Thousands of birds including frigate birds, white capped noddies, seagulls, and mutton birds. Poo galore. Expect to get pooed. We did.

Mutton birds nest underground. A family of them live under our cabin. At night, the young cry to be fed with a wailing cat/baby like cry that is startling at first, irritating after 15 minutes. Our first night, they cried all night. Mo threatened to leave on the next flight. Earplugs and sleep aids came to the rescue.

Food is excellent. Breakfast and dinner buffets are included with accommodation. Expect to gain weight.

Staff leads walking educational sessions on topics including history, ecology, and Barrier Reef island survival. Most staff is young, energetic, beyond perky, and (I am convinced) must meet "cute" criteria.

Best perhaps are night strolls on the beach in search of hatchling turtles.

Strong wind blows sea salt everywhere. Keeping my glasses clear was a several times daily ritual. Bed sheets would become slightly damp and clingy from the moisture.

WiFi is available at a rather high cost. We discovered that the new lighthouse across the airfield on the other side of the island acted like an antenna, providing free if unstable signals. I'd walk there daily to monitor messages and banking. I just had to make sure I didn't sit under a bird.

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