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Just an extremely quick entry this time, we're in a small town called Aurangabad, a few hundred miles north of Mumbai. On our last day in Mumbai we went and saw Maine Pya Kyun Kiya ( i think that's just about right!) - a Bollywood film that seems to be the big blockbuster at the moment, and ate at the pizzeria just by the jazz cafe that we went to on my birthday. The next day we took a boat across some seriously rough seas to Elephanta Island - an hour away from Mumbai, to look at the Hindu caves there, and climb up to the top of the island for a spectacular view over Mumbai harbour. That evening we embarked on yet another overnight journey, this time on a bus, to Aurangabad. Yesterday we went to see the incredible Ajanta caves, which was like wandering around a lost city! Then today it was The Ellora caves, which weren't as stunning as yesterday's, but still pretty amazing. Tomorrow day and night will be spent on the train to Varanasi, one of India's holiest cities, will update from there!


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