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Today we got an early start and left our home of the past two weeks, Louisiana and headed for Texas. Texas is Big and I mean Big. We drove through the Piney Woods and Hill Country Regions and are now entering Panhandle Plains, We saw lush pine forest, hills and valleys, lush green pastures, cows, scruffy looking trees and bushes, oil wells and even some wind turbines. We're now in Abilene where we helped some rancher pay a college tuition tonight. That;s the first red meat since Florida! Photos are attached but you can supply your own labels. Tomorrow we're going to see what is to be seen in Abilene.

One thing we discovered is that Texas weathermen are a bit confused. The highest temp we've seen posted for today is 78, yet we are in shorts with AC on. Prior to that our sweat glands were working overtime

Announcement: No medical services required while in Louisiana.

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