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Tokyo is fantastic. I had such a great time here and there is so many things to see and do that it was hard to pick and choose the right things.

First night that I got to Tokyo via Narita was a bit slow to start as we had to find a place to stay and at the time we didn't realize why everything was booked. Eventually we found a hostel that seemed to be at a nice location for a good price and we wrote down all of the information we needed to find it. We then took a ride back to the airport and went to an information centre to get train maps etc of Tokyo. We then took a train into town and went to the district called Asakusabashi which is a pretty nice area not too far from the centre of Tokyo. The first night we hadn't planned to do all that much, but we lucked out as Tokyo had their biggest fireworks display of the year so we ended up watching that. The fireworks display is called Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival 2011 and you can watch a professional video made from the event here.

My second day in Tokyo was quite lucky. We decided to go to Yoyogi park to see a shrine there but ended up stumbling upon a huge event with dancers dressed up in all kinds of costumes dancing to different styles of music from around 10am to 5pm. It was huge as each group only did a single dance which was about 4 minutes each and then another group came up right away. It was so amazing to see how many groups, styles were there. I took a few videos of some of the dancers but it looks like my camera doesn't work all that well for video as it looks quite bleached and the sound seems to sometimes cut out on longer videos. Regardless, it is worth checking out some of the pictures/videos of the event.

I ended up going all over several districts within Tokyo and even took the opportunity to walk into a few Arcades and Toy stores. Believe it or not this was really quite interesting. The games, posters, toys etc that Japan has is way different from stuff back in North America. Many of the arcade games should be seen to be believed as they are so incredibly fast paced. I ended up seeing this one kid probably about 12-14 and he was playing this drum game at such speed that I was simply astonished when I saw it. I ended up trying the game a bit later and even an easy game took a bit of coordination to get it right. The toy stores were even more amazing. I even found Star Wars light-sabre chopsticks which I thought were hilarious. Anyway, hopefully the pictures that I took in Tokyo give you all some idea of what I experienced when I was there. You can find them here. Please keep in mind that there are several videos in the gallery as well.

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