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Nevada is home to deserts, high mountains (over 13,000 feet) and one of the world's deepest lakes (1645 ft) and America's second deepest lake. Can you name the deepest lake in the U.S.? Hint: it is in the state of Oregon. It is also home to one of the world's biggest dams. Can you name the dam? It is named after our 31st President. Can you name Nevada's capital city and find it on a map? Do you know the nickname for Nevada and why it has that nickname? The biggest city is Las Vegas with its many casinos and neon lights. Can you guess how many weddings are performed in Las Vegas every day? Did you know that Las Vegas is in the Mojave Desert? Can you name some animals that live in the desert? Did you know there are 7 kinds of rattlesnakes that live in the Mojave Desert! There are also some of the most beautiful red rock formations we have ever seen...Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire are both ancient petrified sand dunes with wind and water continuing to create the beautiful shapes, hollows and caves. The colors of the rocks are yellows, many shades of red, pink, purple and dark brown. There are many places in the park where you can see ancient writings or engravings by Native Americans, called petroglyphs. The state of Nevada gets the least amount of rainfall of any state in the U.S. As we were driving back from the desert, we saw the world's tallest thermometer in Baker, CA. It is 134 feet tall and recorded the highest temperature in the U.S. which was 134 degrees in Death Valley, CA in 1913. Answers to last week: A ghost town is a town that has been abandoned by all the people that once lived there. Today there are only 8 people that live in Calico Ghost Town. The reason it is named Calico is because of the many different colors of rocks in the hills surrounding the town. There was 80 million dollars worth of silver and 40 million dollars worth of borax mined around Calico. Didn't you think the schoolhouse was cool? Wouldn't it be fun to go to school for a week in a little school house like that? The holes in the desks were to hold bottles of ink which is what the students wrote with because they didn't have pencils.

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