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We woke up to a misty day if one is cup half full (which the writer is!) or a bit on the gloomy side. But we were ready for our first day of beachcombing. Ready for breakfast Alyssa said can we have a hot breakfast, you know the kind with eggs and bacon. Chaelle piped in with Oh, Yeahh! We hadn't realized everyone was ready for a Canadian breakfast after 40 days of the local fare. Luckily, Danielle was on it. Her and Dave whipped down to the butcher (across the street) gotta love European shopping, and we had our first scrambled eggs and bacon breakfast in forever.

After breakfast took our life in our hands and managed a safe crossing to Danielle's new steel steed and hopped in. After much earlier discussion about whether we all fit in the new car we found that it was very comfy for all of us and headed off down the wrong side of the road. Dave and I were busy asking Danielle about "Is this a one way, Nope this is a full sized two way street with parking!" Boy are the streets narrow here. Not only that the standard speed limit is a 100 km. No problem though Danielle masterfully whipped us to a beautiful beach head much to Dave's delight.

Now beautiful beach head was purely a philosophical point at this time as the fog was low and heavy. Danielle kept telling us,"now if you could see..." But what we could see was so beautiful. We walked along the top of the bluff looking at all the blooming heather and gorse (Oh that might have just been me) and the waves crashing on the rocks below us. The wind was blowing in beautifully cool and fresh salt air. Which we hadn't realized how different the air had been all summer being in such humid and hot locations. So our walk was very refreshing.

We finally hit the rocky beach for a little beachcombing. Far too little beach combing for some in our party but we were almost ready for lunch at this point. The rocks here all looked as though they had been dashed against the shore and left in the same spot for hundreds of years. The Welsh hikers were all sitting along the edge of the bluff having a cup of tea from their thermos' watching the waves come in. It was very picturesque so of course we took a few pictures until the girls said no more!

Danielle found us a little cafe (always beer and gift shop on every outdoor experience in Europe you know) and we sat at the edge of the cliff's having a great lunch. And yes, Dave managed to sample the Welsh beer. Much to his satisfaction he reports! As we looked up all the fog suddenly lifted and all Danielle's narration of what the beach looks like suddenly became a vision in front of us.

We headed down a windy path to a sandy beach that looked like it went on forever. You will never guess who joined us for the walk???? Cows...yes cows had come down to the beach for a little picnic as well. Anarchy in England all those loose cows. We spent the afternoon walking along the sand, jumping in the surprisingly warm waters of the Atlantic and getting a little wet. It was fabulous.

After our walk on the beach we headed back UP and UP the hillside, did a wee shop at the National Trust shop and then jumped back in the car. Again Dave was delighted he didn't have to navigate oncoming tour buses on what appeared to be a one way lane but was actually a 100km/hour roadway.

We hopped under the duvets to warm up and have a little read/nap before heading to the movies. We jumped in the line at the theatre only to find out that Harry Potter was sold out. Popular movie as it has been out for a month already. So we grabbed some popcorn and headed off to The Proposal instead. Everyone had a good laugh so it was a successful evening out. Harry Potter has been put on the agenda for another night and we are off to bed.

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