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pool at my hotel

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my balcony

my bed

My floor

Greeks love showers like this...

Woke up this morning to pouring rain and a bit of flash flooding. I had found out from our tour guide yesterday that it has been raining for 3 days non stop on the mainland and that Thessaloniki and Athens have been having problems with flooding and houses have been damaged. Santorini is definetly not an island built to withstand alot of rain.

I packed up all my stuff and headed for the main building of the hotel. It's an uphill walk and there was a little bit of a river running down the road. Some car drove past me without a car and completely splashed my entire body with water. Yeah, real nice. I left my big backpack in the lobby with other people's luggage as I had to check out and braved the walk down into the main part of town.

I hung out under a large umbrella at a souvenir shop for a bit waiting for the rain to let up. It finally did and some blue skies and sunshine rolled in. I walked up into the back streets of town and discovered a whole bunch of shops. Jewellery shops are everywhere so if want some really nice jewellery, come here. Some of it really isn't cheap though. Very beautiful stuff though.

I wandered around aimlessly until I found an internet cafe. I was able to plug in my laptop. Spent an hour there since it was too expensive to stay any longer. Found Murphy's pub, the first irish pub in Greece. Good place to watch some soccer games. Walked down to a souvlaki place for some lunch and then back up to my hotel to catch a ride down to the ferry port.

A mini bus came to pick up me and another couple from St. Louis. The couple from Toronto that I met on my bus tour were already on the bus. I also ran into them in Oia the night before. They were headed back to Athens on a cruide ship. The bus picked up a few more people and then dropped us off at the ferry port. Ran into the Bc couple from my boat tour and sat with them waiting for the ferry.

Turns out the superjet ferry that was supposed to arrive at 5:25pm didn't arrive until 6:25pm. They were running late for some reason. We finally boarded the ferry. This was a different kind of ferry. They are called superjets are like hydrofoils so they are twice as fast and only take passengers. Seeing as it wasn't a very calm evening out on the ocean it made for a very rough ride.

Luckily I didn't get seasick. They put on a movie (Troy, how fitting) and I read a bit and slept a bit. It took 2 hours to get from Santorini to Crete. Once we got off the boat there was only a line up of taxi's waiting for us. I had a place to stay already but had to figure out how to get there. I asked one taxi driver and he told me it would be a 20 euro taxi ride. I kept on walking. Another taxi guy then told me 15 euro so I went with him.

Turns out my hotel is in a whole different town. Amoudra. The port was in Iraklion. So, the taxi dropped me off and I checked in. The main lobby area of the hotel is very posh with a huge pool so I was anxious to see the room. I went up to my room, 232 and was a bit surprised by the room. It's nice but not what you are expecting after seeing the lobby. I have my own balcony again and my own bathroom.

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