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Famous yellow container


Cherokee property - Tennessee River in background

One of many beautiful dogwoods in the neighborhood

Cozy Joe's Cafe was our first stop this morning. For some reason Kate and I did not feel "cozy" so we left and started our drive to Athens to visit the Mayfield Dairy Farm.

Mayfield is known for their yellow jugs and yellow zip lock ice cream containers. Even though the tour through the plant was on catwalks we still had to wear hairnets. We saw the yellow plastic pellets being melted and then poured into the injection mold machine - 8 seconds later - a yellow jug. We got to see the jugs being filled with milk and containers being filled with ice cream. At the end of the tour we were treated to a cup of any flavor ice cream we desired. I had black cherry and Kate had peach. It truly is deliciously creamy ice cream.

Lunch at the Athens diner - advertised as a true 1950's diner - was disappointing. Kate suggested that the guy on TV who remodels restaurants in distress should make a visit here. Although, honestly, it looked like they weren't hurting for business.

On the way home we got off at the Vonore exit and drove 20 miles down the road to visit the birth place of Sequoyah. His story just gets more fascinating as I learn more about him. The Cherokee Nation built this memorial because his true birthplace (a mile and a half down the road ) is under water. The TVA built a dam that created a lake that covered his land. The museum had lots of TV screens with wonderful films that ran continuously. Most were about Sequoyah - one was about the Trail of Tears. The setting is serene and beautiful. Glad we stopped.

After dinner we stopped at Karen's house to say goodbye. She had a group of ladies over to play Bunko- and eat, and laugh. Always something going on with Karen.

I've had a wonderful time in Knoxville but it's time to move on down the road--

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