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Today we headed west from Wismar to Lubeck.

Lubeck was one of the richest and most powerful cities in Europe, its merchants being the most powerful members of Hanseatic League and in fact acted as the capital of this medieval trading cartel. The town reflects this today with its many Hanseatic buildings and churches.

However driving into the town was not that easy. As we found with many Germany towns their directional signs are poor. We by chance found a car park by the main conference/theatre and from there walked into the old town.

The most impressive and “the” landmark of Lubeck is the Holsten Gate built in the 15th century. A strange main gate looking like it might collapse at any time. Close by were the old salt warehouses now a department store.

Wandering around Lubeck you come across little small enclosed streets like mews of old houses which were pretty. As usual you had three Hanseatic churches one we were able to go up in a lift to get a panoramic view of Lubeck town but also the very industrial areas surrounding the old town. One also had the bell smashed during the war air raids At the other end of the town was the Castle gate which clearly gave you a flavour of the old town walls.

However as a town it did not inspire unlike Bremen so yes we have seen it but no inkling to return.

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