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Lambert's Cafe, Ozark, MO.


Very informal on the inside.

The only home of the throwed rolls. Here's the waiter making a...

Still hot, fresh from the oven and sooo good.

They also keep coming around to serve "pass arounds". No one leaves...

(Ron Writing) We had a break in the weather – it was cloudy this morning but sunny all afternoon and no rain. We left Sikeston and drove west on US-60 most of the way across Missouri. US-60 is a 4-lane divided highway and almost like an interstate highway. In some areas we saw very nice foliage but along much of this route the trees are getting pretty bare.

We drove as far as Springfield and then headed south on US-65 to Ozark, MO. We stopped in Ozark to have dinner at the famous Lambert’s Cafe “the only home of the throwed rolls”. Our friends Herb and Fritzi recommended this restaurant and we’re glad we stopped. The food was very good, prices are very reasonable, and it’s a fun place. You order from a menu and with most main dishes you get to select two side dishes from a long list of items. Then as you are eating, the waiters keep coming around with fresh rolls, fried okra, elbow macaroni in tomato sauce, black eyed peas, and fried potatoes and onions. You can keep eating as much of those “pass around” items as you want. The rolls are exceptionally good. When they come out of the oven a waiter walks around and throws one to you if you just hold up your hand. I caught all four of mine! If you’re in this area it’s well worth a stop.

Lambert’s Cafe is a family run business that has three restaurants; two in Missouri and one in Alabama. They seem to be very successful with the third generation of the family now operating them. They bake rolls from 9:15 AM to 9 PM. Last year they baked an average of 520 dozen rolls per day, cooked and fried 61,200 pounds of okra, 40,800 pounds of white beans, 110,619 pounds of beef, 335,400 eggs, 211,650 pounds of chicken, and 40,341 pounds of fish among other things.

After dinner we continued a couple miles south on US-65 to the Ozark Walmart* where we are parked for the night. This is the first Walmart, we've been to, that has a sign for RV parking in a designated area.

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