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Doberan Minster difficult to get the scale

The high altar


1300 Chalice cupboard

The double sided cross altar


The cross above the altar



Stage set like tomb

Another Duke's tomb

The Molli train that runs between Bad Doberan and Kuhlungsborn

First theatre

Along the promanade

Looking along the beach

The second theatre

The town

Daisy and friend

Did we walk that far!

Today we headed east once again, this time to the town of Bad Doberan. The town developed in the early 1800’s into a spa resort and favoured by the Dukes of Mecklenburg who spent their summers there.

Although the town shows some signs of its former glory the main purpose of the visit was the Minster of Bad Doberan. This enormous church was dedicated in 1368 and considered the crowning glory of high Gothic architecture and in the history of Mecklenburg. The first abbey in Mecklenburg was founded on this site in 1171. The abbey seen today is the second abbey which was inspired after the Cistercians monks had visited France The regional dukes influenced construction even further by financing its development and making it important by it being the burial site for the Dukes of Mecklenburg.

From the outside the building itself was impressive but stepping inside you could understand the importance of the church. It was just outstanding with its 1,300 AD high altar, the stunning double sided cross altar (crated in 1360-1370), the elaborate and almost stage set like tombs of the Dukes of Mecklenburg to name just a few. Just stunning!

After our inspirational visit to the Doberan Minster we headed out to the coast a short distance away to Kuhlungsborn. Kuhlungsborn is said to have the longest promenade in Germany at 4.8km and we walked it both ways. We found two promenade theatres one at the east end and one at the west end. Daisy also found a friend to sit by.

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