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Loretta Lynn Home

Replica of house in Butcher Hollow

The Frist


Art Deco Post Office converted to Art Museum

original post office tables

Union Station now a Historic Hotel of America

The stretch of I40E from Memphis to Nashville is known as Music Highway. As I was driving along that route, I saw a billboard for the Loretta Lynn Ranch - tours daily. Call me crazy but I got off Music Highway, turned on to Loretta Lynn Parkway, drove 7 miles, turned into a driveway and drove another 2 miles before reaching "the compound".

She has built a replica of her childhood home in Butcher Holler, a replica of a coal mine illustrating the work her daddy did, an 18,000 sq.ft. museum containing everything she ever bought in her life - lost of the stuff was very sparkly. The little tour bus drove us up to the 1840 Plantation Home bought by Loretta in 1966. The inside was a decorator's nightmare - even for the 60's/70's. The house has been open for tours for many years so Loretta now lives in a smaller home 40 feet behind the big one. She actually was home today but she did not come out to greet the tour. We did see her dress designer enter the house and her new tour bus was parked in the driveway.

This a huge piece property that is used for concerts, junior motocross championships, horseback trail riding, camping - etc. She and her five children oversee quite an enterprise. They were very strict about photos - none were allowed except for the outside of buildings.

When I finally arrived in Nashville I went straight to the Frist Center For The Visual Arts. I went as much to see the building as to see the exhibits. The Frist is housed inside a former main post office building - art deco architecture. So much of the original has been retained - it is really quite beautiful. AND a beautiful place to have art exhibits with it's tall ceilings, different sorting rooms, and long corridors. Today I was surprised to find an exhibit on loan from the Detroit Institute of Arts - Rembrandt and the Dutch Golden Age. Brought back wonderful memories of my docent classes every Thursday morning at the DIA many years ago. I remembered these paintings well.

I've been to Nashville many times before and have seen most of the sights. Tomorrow morning I will cross off the last one on my Nashville "must see" list and then head for Knoxville.

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