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People's Square

Hotel Fish Tank

Pink Bike

Pudong Skyline

The Bund

Morning Mist

Foggy day


Flying home, GE90

It's been a couple of years since the last time I was in Shanghai and I was keen to see how high the new Shanghai Tower is now. Last time I was here it was level with my room on the 95th Floor of the Jin Mao Tower. It now towers over both the JM and the Shanghai World Finance Centre. I think it's now at full height but not quite completely finished.

Had to get picked up for at 6am for a drive to a suplier in Hangzhou then got stuck in the Shanghai traffic for over an hour on the way back making for a 12 hour day.

Stayed on the Peoples Square side of the city for a change rather than over in Pudong. Really liked the new hotel, Le Meridien which other than the difficulty with traffic could become our new place of choice in Shanghai.

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