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Salisbury Cathedral

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Cathedral 3

Cathedral 4

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Cathedral 6

Stone Henge

The view from the top of the bus on our trip to Salisbury this morning. These bus drivers are incredible the way they have to manouver through narrow lanes and parked cars.

You don't see a road sign like this very often. We went through a military area, covering a large area, and tanks cross the roads in a few places.

We passed Stone Henge on the trip too.

This cathedral was built in the 13th century, (1220 - 1258) over 38 years, using 60,000 tons on stone, 2,800 tons of oak and 420 tons of lead. The spire is Britain's tallest and weighs 6,500 tons. And it is still standing strong.

They also have aone of 4 original copies of the Magna Carta which we were able to have a look at.

It was a bit drizzly and the wind was quite cool, so it was nice to be inside for an hour or so.

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