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Coming into Mahone Bay.

Three churchs next to each other. Five in all through town.

Neat old houses.

Driving into Lunenburg.

More old houses.

Converted to offices.


Another hotel.

And shops.

More shops.

Restored fishing ship.

Lunenburg story.

Tourist on the dock.

One restaurant was the old jail.

Lots of artist shops.

Another Hotel.

I do not think the sign is that old.

Whale skull.


From our window at lunch.

One of those windows.

The patio dining.

We drove down to Lunenburg, NS. Which is a beautiful bay with a very colorful fishing village, now a tourist town. It was also the stage for Tom Sellecks, Jesse Stone movies. They have a lot of restaurants, so we had lunch. Larry had the seafood platter of course and Diana ordered a flatbread with seafood, basically seafood pizza. Both were very good.

On the way there we drove some back roads that were shorter, but slower. in doing that we went through another place called Mahone Bay, which was an even prettier than Lunenburg, with old houses, shops and restaurants. Yes, it also had many tourists.

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