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Yes, it's true, we've actually said goodbye to Newark Marina after almost 3 months.

It was fairly quiet along the way, only one small boat followed us for a while and then went out of the lock before us, only to meet us again at Cromwell Lock.

The fishing people are mostly polite and reel in their lines when they see us coming, but we've heard some stories of them being very rude and shouting abuse at boaties for daring to cruise along their patch!!

They all have their little tents and a heap of paraphanalia with them.

It was only a short trip today, just under 2 hours, through 2 locks and moored up just before Cromwell Lock ready to go through to the tidal section of the river Trent in the morning. The next section gets a bit tricky as we have to watch the tides to be able to go through Keadby Lock on Tuesday at the correct time to get us onto the canal system.

The weir here is quite big and strong, and there is a memorial to some volunteer parachute squadron engineers who died going over the weir - the light apparently failed and they were drawn into the weir.

So we had a short walk and then spent the afternoon resting (Tony reading after sorting out the tide charts for the next few days and I did some calligraphy)

Happy chappies.

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