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Driveway to Presidential Library

View from library

View from library

We were at the Nancy Reagan showing

We needed to visit the local AAA office to get some information and then we will to the showing of Nancy Reagan.

The entire town of Simi Valley was prepared for this event. They had the parking about 6 miles from the library so there were buses transporting people to the library. It was very well organized with the only place you were waiting was at the pick-up point to load the bus.

We arrived at the library, which could never had held all of the cars, and spent about 45 minutes there for the viewing. I was very solemn event and the only could enter the lobby to view the casket. It was an amazing event to be at. Now everyone call say they know someone that was at Nancy Reagan’s viewing. I told them who I was so I could attend the funeral on Friday but that didn’t carry any weight, have to watch it on TV. They sure did move a lot of people thru this event fast, we were there for 3 hours from start to finish which I thought it would be a lot longer. We were told Nancy Reagan had this all planned out for years on how it would happen. I am excited to be visiting the library on Monday because of what we could see it is an amazing place.

Returned to the motorhome and relaxed for the night. Tomorrow we will drive down to the local library to do email and upload my journal. Thank goodness we have the satellite TV or we wouldn’t have any idea what was going on in the world, no TV reception out here along with cell service.

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