it's off to Central America travel blog

Mangrove Bay my room has a balcony on the bay


a walk to West Bay


have to go around the rocky point






lumber fo new pier




high bridge over channel





West Bay






hard at work









Guard dog on duty





my hotel

Up this morning, a walk out side very cloudy looks like rain today, When back to room got my computer and set out on the deck out side of my room and the rains came down very hard at time looked at the weather site and is to be this way the whole time we are in Roatan, was to have a local guide come and tell us things we can do while here didn't show up because it was raining, so had to make my our plans, off in the rain for some breakfast and the rain lets up and I am off for a walk to the west Bay along the beach nice walk no people on the beach very cloudy, Got a nice massage by the beach then walked back to West End some lunch and a cold beer, back to hotel and kicked back working on my blog. Had a group meeting at 7:00Pm then out for dinner with part of the group had twin lobster tails very good and of course a couple of cold ones, then back to room and bed, part of the group went bar hoping.

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