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The Maze

I was in the second grou to jump - this is the...

Here come the jumpers!

My turn!!

The View! (at about 7000ft)

About 5min before jump - can you believe I was so relaxed?!

Arrived in Wanaka just after 4pm. Visited 'Puzzling world' and for some daft reason decided to try out the maze - Me, in a Maze, I can't even find my way around a town with a Street map! I did manage it within the 'average' 30min-1hr but couldn't be bothered to find my way back to the start so took an emergency exit out - that's not cheating is it?!

This is actually May 8th now and I'd just like you all to know that I sucessfully completed a 12,000ft tandum skydive today! It was Fantastic, a bit chilly (I took some snow down with me from passing through a cloud!) but Fantastic all the same - I'd do it again tommorrow!! I'm afraid the video&pics were an extra $185 so I gave it a miss this time! I took my camera up and got some pics from the plane. I had evey intention of taking more pictures on the way down but I was so cold my hand could hardly work and I dont think I could even have opened my camera with the big gloves on so sorry, there's no self portraits on the way down, a fact I regret probably more than you do!!

After I calmed down form the thrill of the jump I had a short drive round the lake and headed on my way West/North

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