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Well, after about a half day of flying from San Diego to Narita, I am finally in Japan! The time difference from here to Edmonton is 15 hours ahead so I now have to be aware of the time difference when I make international phone calls :-).

The flight was pretty nice, I flew from San Diego to LA via United Airways and then had a three hour layover at LA International Airport. After that I flew via Singapore Airlines and had a 10.5 hour flight to Narita. Singapore Airlines is a fantastic airline. They have really good food especially for an airline and offer many free movies/tv shows etc on the back of every chair. Many of the shows were quite new so I kept myself busy on the long flight all the way to Narita.

Narita is a small town about 50 km from Tokyo so instead of attempting to go directly to Tokyo and getting a hostel, I decided to stay in Narita my first night as it was close and I knew that after a long flight I would just want to sleep anyway. My first stop was a relatively cheap hostel just outside of Narita which offered airport pickup/dropoff. I thought that this would be the perfect place to catch up on sleep after a long day of flying. This place was certainly basic accommodation but it was perfect as the airport pickup/drop off was quite quick. The hostel advertised traditional Japanese accommodation which is basically a way of saying that you will be sleeping on a mattress on the floor. I was so tired though that I didn't really have that much of a hard time sleeping, so everything worked out great.

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