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Our (my cousins) flat where we resided. In Mumbles outside Swansea.

Mumbles Bay near Swansea



We woke up early (well for us holidayers it was early) to say goodbye to Judith and Corinne as they headed out the door for work. Our suitcases were packed so we just had to grab a bite and stuff in a few last minute items. Dave always likes to be there extra early so we ran out the door to wait for 20 minutes for the bus! (Don't worry everyone we were at the front of the line!)

Nicole came with us to help us navigate our way through the Swiss bus and train system to get to the airport. Had we gone alone I think we might have broken all the rules and ended up in first class!! The trains were the model of efficiency leaving the station at exactly 8:22 and I do mean exactly. We wandered around the airport a little looking for British Airways. Dave and Nicole were looking on maps so I just asked one of the baggage handlers. Quicker to ask the baggage handler I'd say. So we found BA and crossed our fingers as they weighed our bags. Seems we have a few more items than we did when we started this expedition! But all was well and we headed for security.

After a tearful goodbye we ducked through security and flew off from Switzerland. Mechanically, the leaving was fine on the plane but landing was another story. After we had bumpily made our way down to Heathrow within metres of landing our plane made a stomach dropping lift back up into the clouds. Never having been through an aborted landing it was a wee bit disconcerting. Then the pilot came on and gave a verbal smack down of the plane ahead of us who had not got off the tarmac quick enough. This cut the tension in the air as we all knew that at least it wasn't that the landing gear had failed.

Despite a few sick stomachs we were the model of Swiss efficiency (maybe a little rubbed off on us) grabbed our bags, a little lunch from our favourite British shop Marks and Spencer and made all of our train connections with four minutes to spare. By 12:45 we were comfortably off to Wales (we had landed for the second time at 11:15 in Heathrow, made the Heathrow express and caught the Welsh train in that time; Danielle says that's amazing).

As we came into Wales and then later into Swansea we watched the Welsh mountains come into view. Now these aren't really mountains in Canadian standards but they were very impressive after all the farm fields we had passed through. We pulled into the train station with no eventful aborted landings (Yeah) and grabbed a cab up to Danielle's.No events there either we were dropped off at the door and enjoyed a great supper and a walk along the beach in the sunshine (not to worry a little ice cream was found and all was well). Welcome to Wales.

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