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Willie and Blayde at a rest area in the Carrabassett River Valley.

The river runs so clear in the Carrabassett River Valley.

Entrance to Sugarloaf Ski Resort.

Looking up at Sugarloaf Ski Resort.

The resort area on Sugarloaf.

Looking away from the Sugarloaf ski area at the view as seen...

Can't you just imagine that run when the snow is on it?...

Looking at the map of the various ski runs on Sugarloaf... dreaming...

The leaves are starting to turn!

The view as we were driving from Sugarloaf to Saddleback Mountain.

Another shot of the view as we were driving from Sugarloaf to...

Blayde seems to be enjoying the view at Rangeley Lake on the...

Looking out at Rangeley Lake.

“Willie, I don’t have to work tonight so let’s take a picnic to Sugarloaf Ski Resort and then enjoy the scenic drive back to Madison via Saddleback Mountain.” What a tolerant trooper my husband is.

Oh, the lovely views we enjoyed! The autumn colors are just now starting to paint their way across the landscape and the weather was absolutely pristine and crisp today.

Although the colors are not at peak yet we found the drive to be perfectly beautiful. My only frustration is that I can’t seem to capture the magnificence of these panoramas in my camera lens! I have posted some of my attempts at landscape photography in this entry, but please know that if the opportunity ever presents itself for you to see it in person it will be 1000 times more impressive in real life!

I didn’t take any pictures at the actual top of Saddleback Mountain as they were preparing for a wedding outside of the resort and we didn’t want to be in the way, but it is as beautiful and impressive as Sugarloaf. I could easily see why a couple would choose to marry in such a cathedral of nature this time of year.

I now have a long stretch of work to get through this week (my regular shifts plus we are all covering for a nurse that is out for a family event). Luckily, however, I am not scheduled to work on our upcoming wedding anniversary so we have made plans to go back up to Greenville for the day and enjoy a lunch out. The autumn colors should be much nearer to peak by then so I’ll be sure to post those pictures, too!

Happy Travels, Rebecca

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