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So We've just finished day 5 of our full fast. So far so good. We've actually felt suprising well, but of course everyday has it's ups and downs.

Our days pretty much go like this:

7:00 yoga meditation

8:00 group meeting/scheduling

10:00 colema (yum!--always coffee in the morning)(Not sure what this is? Ask us about this when we get home.)

12:00 beach trip

3:00 (or sometimes 7:00)--something different like Tai Chi or Muay Thai boxing etc--always fun

4:00 second colema (coffee, or garlic or vitamin C)

Parasite zapping anytime during the day

6:00 vegatable broth to replace electrolytes (you'd think this would be a highlight, but it's disgusting)

Also everday we take 6 herbal pills 4 times a day, 4 physillium and bentonite shakes, 1 probiotic pill, reatarded amounts of water, 1 hour long massage (oil, Thai, head/neck/shoulder, foot, Thaiatsu (mix of Thai and Shiatsu) are the choices)

We also have a really nice villa with bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, deck, A/C, dvd player (with a case of dvd's) for the 2 of us.

We're kept pretty busy in general which is great. You can pack up your stuff and take off too if you want (Tanya hit up a mall the other day with some of the other girls which was nice), they also have brand new mountain bikes you can borrow, free internet access, lots of books to borrow (health info and novels) and a nice pool. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful and the place is super clean, well organized and professional.

I think this is why everything has been so nice and comfortable. Neither of us has experienced much hunger at all, other symptoms like nausea, dizziness, tiredness etc come and go though. We definately daydream about food, but not in a physical hunger sort of way. We talked about what we're going to eat when we get home for a good couple of hours the other night....and we talked about it for a long time!!

SSSSSSSSSssssssssooooooooooooo looking forward to coming home (and not just for the food! haha). Days are going fast and we'll be there before you know it. Also looking forward to Hawaii, I think we're going to stay somewhere nice--we could hostel it but, but after the great place where we are now we'd like to keep going and end on a nice (clean-haha) note.

D and T

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