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Some sort of lizard

Caged lorikeets

Wild lorikeets being fed

The beardman of birdland

Needs a cut ? Your votes on a postcard to ...

Olga lacks the beard to properly sooth the lorikeets

Olga has better success with the kangeroos

Hello skippy !

Skippy's real name is actually Fred

Wake up sleepy head

Monitor lizard hiding unsuccessfully behind a blade of grass

It's actually quite hard to get a picture of an awake koala

Out of 24 hours in a day they spend 20 asleep and...

We bought some kangeroo food

Too much garlic for you ?

This one looked quite old (grey hair)

What you looking at ?

Now that's just plain showing off

Duck's on the menu tonight

Sarah gets in on the action

We never expected to be able to get this close to the...

So close that you can actually start to look like one

A cassowary

More picture postcard material

This is a wombat

A tawny frogmouth

A tasmanian devil

Frilled lizard and a short beaked echidna underneath

Mary river turtles

A red legged pademelon

A kookaburra

And this is a possum

A pink or red somethinged cockatoo

A sulphur crested cockatoo

A koala crested Sarah

Here we are a third of the way around the world

We had been spending ages trying to work out the difference between a possum and a wombat, so the best way once and for all to sort this out was to see them, for real. Hence, the visit to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary where they also have 130+ koalas (it's name kind of gives that one away), kangaroos and other native wildlife. Olga leaves tomorrow back to sunny old England, whilst we head up the coast to Hervey Bay from where we hope to visit Fraser Island. Still solid.

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