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great day for ducks!

killing time

the tail end of the cyclone


met with a couple from the south and went out

in the club

someone lock em up!!!

hi guys, after our extreme island adventure we have moved up the coast to Airlie beach, the jumping off point for the Whitsunday islands and some great barrier reef snorkeling.

We have a few days in Airlie beach first before we head out to the Whitsundays and we did plan on spending at the beach but we have moved up into a tropical climate now and guess what, we are smack bang in the middle of the wet season!

Its pouring down and the forecast does not look good for the next few days, hopefully it should become clearer by Saturday when we head out on the boat but until then, I think we will be doing alot of reading!!!

There are no photos at mo coz its too wet but we will try to put some on if it stops raining for a bit. Man it feels just like home, only its warm rain!

Ok got some photos now, had to kill time by going out, its a hard life! Oh the rain hasn't stopped, 3 days now and we have heard that it is all due to a cyclone further up the coast. The buses and planes have stoppped going north and the boats that went out yesterday all came back coz it was too rough! We are supposed to be going this afternoon so we will see, its not like we can leave town if we dont go sailing!!!

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