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Bolivian car ferry

we made it to the bottom of the world's most dangerous road...

road blocked by lorries stuck in the mud - we sat here...

eventually we are free!

trying to keep our spirits up after 30 hours on the bus!

Rurrenbaque - we finally arrived!

From Copa we had a very hungover bus journey to La Paz - fortunately only a short trip as the bus was full of dogs running around!! Bolivia is crazy... From there we tried to take a flight up to Rurrenbaque - a town up north in the Amazonian jungle. We wanted to fly as heard the journey was a nightmare by bus - down the world's most dangerous road, unsealed bumpy roads and very very long on a local (ie v uncomfortable) bus...however on getting to the airport our flight was cancelled due to bad weather up in the jungle - all flights were cancelled that day and they didn't know when the next one would we decided we didn't have time to hang around waiting for non-existent flights and how bad could the bus be? Was only 14 hours after wrong we were!!!

The next 30 HOURS (!) were the worst of my life...! Journey wasn't going too badly until we got stuck behind a lorry that was stuck about 2 feet deep in the mud! As it was just getting dark and the lorry obviously wasn't going anywhere, the driver said we may as well just sleep so turned off the engine and everyone tried to was freezing at night!..Obviously the locals are all prepared for this event in Bolivia as everyone had brought blankets and we (being the only gringos on the bus) hadn't! So about 10 hours later, its 6am, the sun is up and we're keen to get moving...the rain hasn't stopped all night and the mud has got worse - you were knee deep in it stepping off the bus (which one lovely old woman refused to do so actually URINATED IN THE AISLE!!!) ...this was almost the final straw for me - we had no food or water left, were cold and tired and I just wanted to get off the bus and go - but we were totally stranded and was nothing we coud do but wait!...Eventually about 10am (Bolivians are very lazy I've come to discover!) the lorry driver gets a shovel and starts digging his lorry out....this take 4 hours with about 10 men standing watching and nobody helping...eventually the lorry is free after a lot of failed attempts of pushing and towing and we are on our way...only another 6 hours left after that and we arrived in Rurrenbaque...there is no way am getting that bus back - don't care how long I have to wait for a flight!!

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