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Dimple, Aman, Veena And Kewal Krishan

Aman And Dimple's Dental Clinic



Our visit with Veena and Kewal was another opportunity to reunite with family members we have not seen for a very long time. Veena is the younger sister of Dr. R. K Kapoor in Mumbai, so she too is a first cousin of Anil's. I first met Veena and Kewal when we came to India to be married in Patna, and then went to Dhanbad to stay with them for a few days. Their children Aman and Archana were quite small at the time - Archana was about four years old and Aman was about seven or eight.

On this trip, we were able to visit them in Delhi because Kewal has retired and they have moved to live in Delhi with their son, his wife Dimple and their grandson, Hrithik. We met Hrithik for the first time, he is now the age that his father, Aman was when I met him in Dhanbad. My how time flies... Their daughter Archana lives in San Francisco with her husband Rohit and their young son, Rohan.

Kewal, Veena, Aman and Dimple live in a joint family home with an attached clinic where Aman and Dimple practice dentistry. They tell me that this arrangement makes life easy and convenient for the entire family. It certainly was easy for us all to gather together and talk about old times. Kewal has been ill for the past few months but we were pleased to see him looking quite well. We both remarked on the fact that this is only the second time we have met - the first was in Dhanbad over thirty-two years ago. Yes, how time flies.


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