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cliffs of Santorini


My bed

My bathroom

View from my balcony

My balcony

Patio doors

Lazed around in the morning packing up and checked out of the pension at 11:30am. Walked into town with my huge backpacks and my big maple leaf patch right on the front of me. That got a bit of interest. One girl walking past made a comment about it, another Canadian. A guy sitting in one of the taverna's asked which part of Canada, he was from Winnipeg.

Dropped my bags at the left luggage at the tourist office and looked at some of the stores near the port. All full of tacky tourist things. Although me being a tourist I could have bought a lot of stuff there haha. But I didn't.

My ferry arrived and took me to Santorini. We arrived in at the port in the late afternoon. Santorini is basically a big gigantic cliff island. So it's quite an amazing sight to see as you pull into the port. I searched for my name on a board as I had a transfer to my hotel pre-arranged. Found the guy but learned that he didn't speak any english. Hmm. A few other people soon joined and we piled into a van headed for Hotel Margarita.

2 couples from Canada were also staying there. Turns out they are from Invemere and know of our family friend's the Wenz's. Such a small world! Got checked in and a brief explanation of the town from hand gestures since the guy didn't speak english. A young guy took me down a few buildings to my room. Nice room, quite small but has a fridge and a bigger balcony then my last hotels. Nice view as well. I can see the ocean from my room!!!

The town of Fira, which is where i'm staying is the largest city on the island. It's built on a cliffside. Santorini is not a very big island at all. Very beautiful town though. I sat by the poolside talking to the Canadian couples for a bit. I headed into the main part of town to do a little looking around. Went into a travel agent to a book a bus tour for tomorrow.

Stopped at a souvlaki place for dinner and then back to the hotel to do some laundry. The sunset wasn't worthy of going to Oia since it was cloudy by that time. Oia is famous for it's sunsets. Apparently the best place in Greece to see them.

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