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Super Bowl Sunday, how was the surf at your home break?

The Michoacan coast from the Mex 200. Beautiful and empty!

Lisy on a cliff way above the ocean. Notice the waves below.

Bananas and Palms. These don't grow naturally where we live.

These are the kind of views surfers dream of.

Offshore morning lines, not bad for the off season.

Lisy ripping!

The lagoon at Rio Nexpa.

Home sweet home. This is great January weather!

Marc on a bumpy right, more fun than it looks.

A big set breaking past the camper of our friends Ron and...

Lisy, bottom turning in front of a local who is paddling out.

Marc having fun all by himself on an outside set.

The end of another beautiful day.

The state of Michoacan includes most of the area between Manzanillo south almost to Ixtapa. It is one of the poorer Mexican states and has low population density. But, it is easily one of the most beautiful places we have ever been, and we love it.

The people are laid back (even for Mexico) and the are extremely friendly. This is the kind of place where you could happily loose yourself for a while. The weather has been great, and we are enjoying great surf in warm water. It seems like we have entered a completely different world from the one we left in San Diego.

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