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Another ferry right behind us. I think there is another one behind...



The jacuzzi and Danish flag


Land ahoy!

Almost there.

Another sailing village

The dinner buffet, just the start!

The lamb carving stataion

Oslo Parliament Building

Oslo, main street

Oslo, the Palace

Oslo University

A beautiful building

Beverly found her Norwegian ancestors

Osla, a copy of the "Fearless Girl" who stands in front of...


Our new philosophy of life!!!

Aww! Oslo! Did I say the weather is overcast, cool and rainy? But not enough to deter world "travelers"! We had our orientation walk around; then were released on our own. Some of our travelling companions went off to see the Viking and Kon Tiki Museums; but since we saw them last time we were here, we just walked around and explored the city. We had lunch at a restaurant that serves typical Norwegian food - frikadeller (flat pan-fried meatballs of minced meat, similar in Denmark), roasted potatoes, smashed peas (I thought that was British?) AND a cold salmon plate, the huge slice of salmon was served over egg salad. Sooo goood!

Then we walked around taking pictures.

Finally we were able to check into our room at the hotel (they did secure our luggage).

Copenhagen was a "Pre-Tour" and there were 15 of us who selected it. Oslo is where "the Tour" starts, so we will be joined by 10 more people who just got here today. We'll have drinks tonight during the briefing on "the Tour".

We're also staying for the "Post-Tour" to Stockholm. It's interesting that the same 15 people are also on the "Post-Tour" as were on the "Pre-Tour".

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